Nathan Mellor

Since completing my PhD, which used a variety of multiscale models of auxin signalling and transport to investigate lateral root emergence in Arabidopsis, I have been working on two separate projects in parallel, both based in CPIB.

Vascular Patterning

The first is a BBSRC funded project which seeks to uncover the mechanism by which vascular patterning emerges in plant roots, in particular how xylem poles are arranged within the vascular bundle. This has involved modelling the interaction of the plant hormones auxin and cytokinin and their regulation of PIN auxin-efflux transporters within a range of 1, 2, and 3-dimensional vertex-based models, some incorporating cell division and growth. These models are implemented in Python.

Root-soil Interactions

The second strand of my research is part of the ERC funded FUTUREROOTS project, and aims to model root-soil interactions of whole root architectures. To do this, I have taken micro-CT derived data (RSML) representations of Wheat root systems grown in soil columns and converted them into a growing computer model of that particular root system, using first Python, then the open source software OpenSimRoot. With these models we are able to infer past and future growth, predict nitrate and water uptake under a variety of environmental conditions, and compare these results between genotypes.

Auxin transport

In July 2017 I will start a new post modelling auxin transport in the root tip.