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Arabidopsis Anther/Floral Expression Plots

Enter an Arabidopsis AGI code into the box below to see the RNA expression behaviour in various floral microarrays.
Up to three panels will be shown, as each type of microarray has a different set of genes present on the chip, if a gene is not present on an array then an empty space will be left.
Please click here for a full explanation of the plots, or click on a section of the plot. Data from loss-of-function mutants are shown by open symbols.
This tool is described in an article in Plant Physiology (Available here), and is developed and maintained by Dr Simon Pearce. Feedback or bug reports are welcome!
Some example genes to try: AMS, MYB99, TDF1, MYB80, MS1.
Some example clusters to try: Cluster 23, Cluster 37, Cluster 81, Cluster 116.

Gene Name:

Cluster Number:

Genes whose expression patterns are highly correlated to this gene in FlowerNet (if any), with their correlation coefficient.
Genes in bold are in the same cluster, so are within a highly correlated group of genes.