Rice Anther Expression Plots

Enter a Rice RAP code into the box below to see the RNA expression behaviour during anther development.
Plots of 24462 genes will be shown both in rice datasets and rice stages. In the staged plots, the anther development process are divided into 14 stages (An1 to An14) through the morphology analysis according to Zhang [1].
Abbreviations used: PM: Premeiosis (An2-7); M: Meiosis (An8); UM: Uninucleate Microspore (An9-10); BP: Bicellular Pollen (An11); TP: Tricellular pollen (An12); MP: Mature Pollen (An14).
Some example genes to try: TDR, ABCG15, DPW.

Gene Name:

Cluster Number:

Rice Stages
Rice Datasets
Genes whose expression patterns are highly correlated to this gene in the selected cluster (if any), with their correlation coefficient.
Genes in bold are in the same cluster, so are within a highly connected group of genes.

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