CPIB is a collaborative network of scientists spanning the Schools of Biosciences, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham.


Researchers in CPIB

  • Apply interdisciplinary approaches to address questions in plant and crop science
  • Create software and hardware to support work in integrated plant biology
  • Develop innovative tools and techniques to study plant form and function (termed integrated plant phenomics)
  • Disseminate their tools, techniques and training to promote integrated plant biology and phenomic approaches within the plant science and wider scientific community


Specific activities for CPIB members include

  • Collaborative development and execution of research proposals and projects
  • A seminar series reporting new interdisciplinary studies in plant and crop biology
  • Provision of scientific training in key techniques and methodologies
  • Maintenance of a web presence and twitter feed to promote CPIB researchers work and providing access to the tools, facilities and current events in the centre.
  • Organization of research-focused, cross-discipline meetings and workshops for members of CPIB

For details about current integrated biology projects in CPIB please click this link

Tool and methodology development work within CPIB currently focuses on integrated plant phenomics. For further details please click this link

For details about recent and upcoming dissemination events in CPIB please click this link


If you would like to know more, or take part in any of CPIB’s activities please contact:

A in the School of Biosciences

B in the School of Mathematical Sciences

C in the School of Computer Science

D in the Faculty of Engineering


If you would like to be added to the CPIB mailing list, please click this link.