The Seventh Mathematics in the Plant Science Study Group 5-8 January 2016

The Seventh Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group workshop (MPSSG VII) will take place 5-8 January 2016 at the University Park campus of the University of Nottingham.

What’s a study group?

These meetings allow plant & crop scientists to present selected research questions to mathematicians and computer scientists, who then spend the rest of the meeting working on these problems. This intensive approach results in much progress in a very short time. The immediate output from the meeting is a report on progress made during the meeting itself, but work on problems frequently continues beyond this initial intensive phase. Previous MPSSG problems have resulted in publications and successful grant proposals, as well as new collaborations. For more background on the Maths in the Plant Sciences Study Group (MPSSG) meetings, visit the MPSSG overview page.

Problems to be presented at MPPSG VII:

Problem 1: Hyperspectral image analysis of plants, presented by Rumiana Ray (University of Nottingham) & Andrew French (University of Nottingham)

Problem 2: Modeling Leaf-Sheath Interactions in Grasses, presented by Douglas Cook (NYU Abu Dhabi)

Problem 3: Biosynthesis of Casparian strips: How to build a micron-scale bridge out of a lignin polymer? Presented by David SaltĀ (University of Aberdeen) & Guilhem Lenaic (University of Aberdeen)

Mathematicians, computer scientists and other quantitatively-minded folks: we will provide all your meals and refreshments for the duration of the meeting and, if you require it, accommodation for three nights in Halls of Residence on campus (single, en-suite room, with full English breakfast, arriving Tuesday, departing Friday).

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. The course will run from 10:00 on Tuesday 5th January until 16:00 on Friday 8th January at the University Park Campus of the University of Nottingham.

MPSSG Organisers: Leah Band (University of Nottingham), John Fozard (John Innes Centre) & Susie Lydon (University of Nottingham) .

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Susie Lydon (