Rhizosphere Seminar Series

A monthly series of seminars from UK/overseas speakers covering a wide range of topics relevant to rhizosphere research. All welcome.

Upcoming Seminars

  • The role of roots and mycorrhizas in ecosystem restoration
    Prof. Mark Tibbett (Cranfield University)

    Venue: LR11

  • Title TBA
    Prof. Dick Godwin (Harper Adams University)

    Venue: LR11

Past Speakers

  • Neutron Imaging: A non-invasive Tool to study Root Growth and Water Uptake
    Manoj Menon (University of Sheffield)

  • Stefan Kepinski (University of Leeds)

  • Root biology and cereal aluminium tolerance
    Leon Kochian (Cornell University)

  • Earthworms and their balls of calcite
    Prof Mark Hodson (University of York)

  • Casparian strips: What are they and how are they built
    David Salt (Aberdeen University)

  • Rhizosphere Facility Update
    Sacha Mooney

  • Introduction of research interest, from the interactions between fungi and soil to improving photosynthesis
    Radek Pajor (University of Nottingham)

  • Uprooting Plants
    Claire Grierson (University of Bristol)

  • Assembly and functioning of rhizosphere fungus communities
    Gary Bending (University of Warwick)

  • Elucidating crop losses and control of Rhizoctonia solani and R. cerealis in winter wheat
    Matthew Brown (UoN)

  • Ian Dodd (Lancaster University)

  • New opportunities for understanding the chemical ecology of the rhizosphere
    John Pickett (Rothamsted Research)

  • Rhizomania: an overview of recently funded root grants at Nottingham
    Malcolm Bennett

  • The role of roots for green house gas emissions from wetlands
    Sofie Sjogersten

  • Development rooted in emergent properties of regulatory networks
    Philip Benfey (Duke University)

  • Small RNAs and developmental plasticity in plants
    Alexis Maizel (Heidelberg)

  • Roots of the second green revolution
    Jonathan Lynch (Penn State University)

  • Quantification and characterisation of plant roots: An attempt towards root phenotyping
    Stefan Mairhofer

  • How strong is the coupling between plant carbon flow and rhizosphere de-nitrification?
    Liz Baggs (University of Aberdeen)

  • Rumiana Ray

  • Ric Traini and John Helliwell

  • Root Phenotyping
    Xavier Draye (University Catholique Louvain, Belgium)

  • Identifying prioritised root system architecture traits for water and nutrient capture
    Pedro Carvalho

  • Functional study of CROWN ROOTLESS1, a PS2/LOB-domain protein essential for crown root development in rice
    Yoan Coudert (CIRAD, Montpellier)

  • Root responses to phosphorus availability in Brassicas
    John Hammond

  • Building a ‘desal plant’
    Mahima Krishnan (Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics)

  • Putting the Myco into Rhizosphere
    Helen West (Assoc Professor in Environmental Biology)

  • Rhizosphere Group Discussion

  • Using X-Ray Computed Tomography to examine the response of roots to soil compaction
    Saoirse Tracy

  • Optimising root systems in wheat and barley for capture of water and nitrogen
    John Foulkes (Assoc Professor in Crop Sciences) and Pedro Carvalho

  • Investigating the genetic and molecular basis of root architecture and water uptake in tomato
    Fereshteh Malekpoor

  • Imaging Roots in Soil – the new MicroCT soil-root imaging facility
    Sacha Mooney (Assoc Professor in Soil Physics)

  • Recent efforts to image maize and Arabidopsis roots
    IDTC students Susan Zappala and Stefan Mairhofer

  • Outlining the aims and objectives of BBSRC Fellowship
    Malcolm Bennett