A Fluorescent Alternative to the Synthetic Strigolactone GR24

Amanda Rasmussen, Thomas Heugebaert, Cedrick Matthys, Rik Van Deun, Francois-Didier Boyer, Sofie Goormachtig, Christian Stevens & Danny Geelen

Strigolactones have recently been implicated in both above- and below-ground developmental pathways in higher plants. To facilitate the molecular and chemical properties of strigolactones in vitro and in vivo, we have developed a fluorescent strigolactone molecule, CISA-1, synthesized via a novel method which was robust, high-yielding, and used simple starting materials. We demonstrate that CISA-1 has a broad range of known strigolactone activities and further report on an adventitious rooting assay in Arabidopsis which is a highly sensitive and rapid method for testing biological activity of strigolactone analogs. In this rooting assay and the widely used Orobanche germination assay, CISA-1 showed stronger biological activity than the commonly tested GR24. CISA-1 and GR24 were equally effective at inhibiting branching in Arabidopsis inflorescence stems. In both the branching and adventitious rooting assay, we also demonstrated that CISA-1 activity is dependent on the max strigolactone signaling pathway. In water methanol solutions, CISA-1 was about threefold more stable than GR24, which may contribute to the increased activity observed in the various biological tests.

Molecular plant 6 (1), 100-112

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