A PROBABILISTIC TRACKING APPROACH TO ROOT MEASUREMENT IN IMAGES – Particle Filter Tracking is used to Measure Roots, via a Probabilistic Graph

AP French#, MJ Bennett, C Howells, D Patel & TP Pridmore

This paper introduces a new methodology to aid the tracing and measurement of lines in digital images. The techniques in this paper have specifically been applied to the labour intensive process of measuring roots in digital images. Current manual methods can be slow and error prone, and so we propose a semi-automatic way to trace the root image and measure the corresponding length in the image plane. This is achieved using a particle filter tracker, normally applied to object tracking though time, to trace along a root in an image. The samples the particle filter generates are used to build a probabilistic graph across the root location in the image, and this is traversed to produce a final estimate of length. The software is compared to real-world and artificial length data. Extensions of the algorithm are noted, including the automatic detection of the end of the root, and the detection of multiple growth modes using a mixed state particle filter.

In press in Proceedings of the First International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices