AXR4 Is Required for Localization of the Auxin Influx Facilitator AUX1

S. Dharmasiri, R. Swarup, K. Mockaitis, N. Dharmasiri, S. K. Singh, M. Kowalchyk, A. Marchant, S. Mills, G. Sandberg, M. J. Bennett & M. Estelle

The AUX1 and PIN auxin influx and efflux facilitators are key regulators of root growth and development. For root gravitropism to occur, AUX1 and PIN2 must transport auxin via the lateral root cap to elongating epidermal cells. Genetic studies suggest that AXR4 functions in the same pathway as AUX1. Here we show that AXR4 is a previously unidentified accessory protein of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) that regulates localization of AUX1 but not of PIN proteins. Loss of AXR4 resulted in abnormal accumulation of AUX1 in the ER of epidermal cells, indicating that the axr4 agravitropic phenotype is caused by defective AUX1 trafficking in the root epidermis.

Science 312 (5777), 1218-1220

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