CellSeT: Novel Software to Extract and Analyze Structured Networks of Plant Cells from Confocal Images

Michael P. Pound#, Andrew P. French, Darren M. Wells, Malcolm J. Bennett & Tony P. Pridmore

It is increasingly important in life sciences that many cell-scale and tissue-scale measurements are quantified from confocal microscope images. However, extracting and analyzing large-scale confocal image data sets represents a major bottleneck for researchers. To aid this process, CellSeT software has been developed, which utilizes tissue-scale structure to help segment individual cells. We provide examples of how the CellSeT software can be used to quantify fluorescence of hormone-responsive nuclear reporters, determine membrane protein polarity, extract cell and tissue geometry for use in later modeling, and take many additional biologically relevant measures using an extensible plug-in toolset. Application of CellSeT promises to remove subjectivity from the resulting data sets and facilitate higher-throughput, quantitative approaches to plant cell research.

The Plant Cell Online 24 (4), 1353-1361