Inference of gene regulatory networks using boolean-network inference methods

Graham J. Hickman & T. Charlie Hodgman

The modeling of genetic networks especially from microarray and related data has become an important aspect of the biosciences. This review takes a fresh look at a specific family of models used for constructing genetic networks, the so-called Boolean networks. The review outlines the various different types of Boolean network developed to date, from the original Random Boolean Network to the current Probabilistic Boolean Network. In addition, some of the different inference methods available to infer these genetic networks are also examined. Where possible, particular attention is paid to input requirements as well as the efficiency, advantages and drawbacks of each method. Though the Boolean network model is one of many models available for network inference today, it is well established and remains a topic of considerable interest in the field of genetic network inference. Hybrids of Boolean networks with other approaches may well be the way forward in inferring the most informative networks.

Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 07 (06), 1013

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