Post-embryonic root organogenesis in cereals: branching out from model plants

Beata Orman-Ligeza, Boris Parizot, Pascal P Gantet, Tom Beeckman, Malcolm J Bennett & Xavier Draye

The root architecture of higher plants is amazingly diverse. In this review, we compare the lateral root developmental programme in cereals and Arabidopsis thaliana. In cereals, cells in the endodermis are recruited to form the new root cap and overlying cortical cells divide to facilitate the emergence of the lateral root primordium. The TIR1/ABF2 auxin receptors and the AUX/IAA, ARF, and LBD transcriptional regulatory proteins are conserved in cereals and Arabidopsis. Several elements of this regulatory network are common to lateral and crown roots in cereals. Also, the ground meristem from which crown roots differentiate shows similarities with the root pericycle. Studies in cereals promise to give complementary insights into the mechanisms regulating the development of post-embryonic roots in plants.

Trends in plant science 18 (8), 459-467

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