Systems biology approaches to understand the role of auxin in root growth and development

Tatsuaki Goh, Ute Vo╬▓, Etienne Farcot, Malcolm J. Bennett & Anthony Bishopp

The past decade has seen major advances in our understanding of auxin regulated root growth and developmental processes. Key genes have been identified that regulate and/or mediate auxin homeostasis, transport, perception and response. The molecular and biochemical reactions that underpin auxin signalling are non-linear, with feed-forward and feedback loops contributing to the robustness of the system. As our knowledge of auxin biology becomes increasingly complex and their outputs less intuitive, modelling is set to become much more important. For the last several decades modelling efforts have focused on auxin transport and, latterly, on auxin response. Recently researchers have employed multi-scale modelling approaches to predict emergent properties at the tissue and organ scales. Such innovative modelling approaches are proving very promising, revealing new mechanistic insights about how auxin functions within a multicellular context to control plant growth and development. In this review we initially describe examples of models capturing auxin transport and response pathways, and then discuss increasingly complex models that integrate multiple hormone response pathways, tissues and/or scales.

Physiologia Plantarum 151 (1), 73-82

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