Construction of the jasmonates gene regulatory network in Arabidopsis and identification of major players and novel components

Alessandra Devoto

Key Questions
1. How does the selection of genes and/or arrays affect the resulting network?
2. Should modelling be performed separately for regulators that are not transcription factors and then work to integrate the two modules? Would this “object-oriented” approach imitate biological systems better considering that networks operate under the influence of numerous
parameters? The output of one network may be the input of a dependent network. Higher levels of inter-dependence could be simulated.
3. How do we deal with integrating in the network those regulators that are not transcriptionally regulated but affect the JAs response?
4. Would the network be robust enough to allow for unknown genes be inserted into the network to evaluate whether they belong to it and infer their role/function?

Proceedings of the 4th Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group