Measuring genetic diversity?

PPM Iannetta & J Wishart

Questions to be considered by the Sudy Group participants:
What statistic based on the ISSR data would provide a suitable measure of genetic diversity? [Is the
method (developed from Waits et al, 2001) used by Whitlock et al (2007) of calculating Pid (probability of genetic identity) the best method for defining overall genetic diversity?]
1. How would the statistic be estimated? [Could a model be defined which would enable testing of
fewer individuals to give an estimate of genetic variation?]
2. How would the statistic be compared between populations?
3. How would the statistic be related to functional diversity within and between populations?
4. could this be modelled in a way which includes predictions based on knowledge of the selective effects of environmental changes.
To achieve these
5. How many loci would have to be considered?
6. How many individuals from each population would have to be tested?

Proceedings of the Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group