Modelling carbon assimilatory and recycling pathways in Arabidopsis seedlings

Mark Hooks & Elizabeth Allen

Over-riding biological Question: 1. What is the function of ACN1?
Potential questions that may be more easily addressed with conceptual/mathematical modelling
include the following.
1. Why is total acetate accumulation and metabolism not affected in mutant?
2. Why does ACN1 have such an effect on metabolite levels?
4. How can growth and development increase when metabolism falls?
5. Does acetyl-CoA from free acetate mimic acetyl-CoA pools derived from fatty acid catabolism?
6. Must acetate and fatty acids share common metabolic pathways and isozymes?
7. How can acetate levels fall when assimilation of acetate is prohibited?
8. What, if any, is the contribution of acetate recycling to metabolite levels?

Proceedings of the 2nd Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group