Modelling the formation of diffraction gratings on top of iridescent petal epidermis

Beverley Glover, Edwige Moyroud & Silvia Vignolini

Questions to be considered by the Study Group participants:

Can a model explain where and when ridges appear?

Is it possible to develop a model taking into account both mechanical forces and genetic data? How do we deal with integrating both physical and biological inputs in the model?

What types of cell/ridge measurements would be the most useful? To which extant are diffraction gratings the result of a self-assembly process?

What parameters need to be considered to describe the formation of ridges on top of the petal epidermis?

What type of information related to the cuticle composition of our chosen species do we need to provide (thickness and structure but also chemical composition?)

Proceedings of the 5th Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group