EUROOT: Enhancing resource Uptake from Roots under stress in cereal crops

Enhancing resource Uptake from Roots under stress in cereal crops

EURoot is an EU Framework 7 project bringing together scientists from 20 institutions across Europe and the US. EURoot’s overarching goal is to help farmers face climate change while simultaneously meeting the increasing societal demand for sustainable agriculture by reducing the use of water and fertilizers. The objective of the project is to enhance the ability of cereal crop plants to acquire water and nutrients through their roots, allowing them to maintain growth and performance under conditions of stress. EURoot will focus on three major inter-related stresses that can occur separately or simultaneously in a drying soil; water, nitrogen and phosphorus limitations. Each of these has an established and pronounced effect on plant growth and performance, but also influences root system architecture.

CPIB’s work within EURoot centres on plant phenotyping. We will be using X-Ray CT imaging and developing our existing image analysis tools to provide quantitative data on the effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on root system architecture in soil. The results obtained using the Nottingham phenotyping methods will be compared with those generated by other techniques available within the consortium, while an associated field experiment (on barley) will determine the extent to which laboratory results transfer to real agricultural conditions.

For further detail contact Prof Tony Pridmore or visit the EURoot website.