Tools & Resources


  • Canopy Reconstruction Accurate and useful models of plants in three dimensions, based on multiple colour images using a low-cost camera
  • Cell-o-Tape A Fiji macro for measuring cells
  • CellSeT A tool to segment confocal microscope images
  • Equipment Software Software for equipment control and data acquisition developed at CPIB
  • PSC Colocalization Plugin A colocalization plugin for ImageJ which calculates correlation coefficients over areas of interest
  • RootNav Software for semi-automated quantification of complex root system architectures
  • RooTrak A tool for analysing X-ray micro CT scans of roots in soil
  • RootTrace A tool for automatic, high throughput determination of root length and other measures



  • Datasets Access to CPIB's publicly available transcriptomic data
  • FlowerNet A tool to investigate gene expression correlation networks for anther and pollen development
  • Localisome Information about our recombineering and other localisome resources
  • Models Access CPIB's publicly accessible models
  • Virtual Seed Web Resource Web-based tools for analysis of gene expression during seed maturation, dormancy and germination