Lines 114-1-1-5 & 114-2-1-4

Expressed in QC, columella cells (mainly S1 and S2), cortex/endodermis initials, provasculature, vasculature in the more mature part and in the LRP. Subcellular localisation is plasma membrane in columella and LRP, cytoplasm in vasculature.

A regulator of auxin efflux and involved in differential growth. PIN3 is expressed in gravity-sensing tissues, with PIN3 protein accumulating predominantly at the lateral cell surface. PIN3 localizes to the plasma membrane and to vesicles. In roots, PIN3 is expressed without pronounced polarity in tiers two and three of the columella cells, at the basal side of vascular cells, and to the lateral side of pericycle cells of the elongation zone. PIN3 overexpression inhibits root cell growth. Protein phosphorylation plays a role in PIN3 trafficking to the plasma membrane.

TAIR Annotation

PIN3 (PIN-FORMED 3); auxin:hydrogen symporter/ transporter