Lines 23-3-1-5 & 23-4-1-5

Expressed only in columella (layer S2) at the root apex and in vascular tissues in the mature part of the root. In addition, this gene is also expressed in cells of the outer tissues in the mature part of the root but only the one that overlay a lateral root primordium. Subcellular localisation is Plasma membrane in collumella and outer tissues, cytoplasm in vascular tissues

Encodes an auxin influx carrier LAX3 (Like Aux1) that promotes lateral root emergence. Auxin-induced expression of LAX3 in turn induces a selection of cell-wall-remodelling enzymes, which are likely to promote cell separation in advance of developing lateral root primordia.

TAIR Annotation

LAX3 (LIKE AUX1 3); amino acid transmembrane transporter/ auxin influx transmembrane transporter/ transporter