Lines 37-10-9 & 37-15-1

Expressed in provasculature, QC and outer tissues initials. Expressed in vasculature in more mature part and in the provasculature of lateral root primordia.

Encodes a putative auxin efflux carrier that is localized in developing and mature root meristems. It is involved in the maintenance of embryonic auxin gradients. A role for AtPIN4 in generating a sink for auxin below the quiescent center of the root meristem that is essential for auxin distribution and patterning is proposed. In the root, PIN4 is detected around the quiescent center and cells surrounding it, and localizes basally in provascular cells. PIN4 expression is upregulated in brassinosteroid-insensitive mutant (PMID 16141452).

TAIR Annotation

PIN4 (PIN-FORMED 4); auxin:hydrogen symporter/ transporter